189 Kč
Čárový kód: 045778707829
Nosič: CD+DVD
Rok vydání: 2018
Žánr: Heavy Metal , Psychedelic Rock
Stav: new
Množství: 1
Label: Nuclear Blast


minus plus


CD-1 Volatile 4:39
CD-2 Catharsis 6:11
CD-3 Beyond The Pale 4:31
CD-4 California Bleeding 4:12
CD-5 Triple Beam 4:41
CD-6 Kaleidoscope 4:04
CD-7 Bastards 5:04
CD-8 Hope Begets Hope 4:30
CD-9 Screaming At The Sun 3:55
CD-10 Behind A Mask 4:07
CD-11 Heavy Lies The Crown 8:49
CD-12 Psychotic 5:02
CD-13 Grind You Down 4:07
CD-14 Razorblade 4:00
CD-15 Eulogy 6:34
Bonus DVD:
DVD-1 Imperium
DVD-2 Beautiful Mourning
DVD-3 Now We Die
DVD-4 Bite The Bullet
DVD-5 Locust
DVD-6 From This Day
DVD-7 Ten Ton Hammer
DVD-8 This Is The End
DVD-9 Beneath The Silt
DVD-10 The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
DVD-11 Phil's Solo
DVD-12 Darkness Within
DVD-13 Bulldozer
DVD-14 Killers & Kings
DVD-15 Davidian
DVD-16 Descend The Shades Of Night
DVD-17 Now I Lay Thee Down
DVD-18 Take My Scars
DVD-19 Aesthetics Of Hate
DVD-20 Game Over
DVD-21 Old
DVD-22 Halo

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